Vegetarian: (Noun; Origin; American Indian) definiftion; “Bad Hunter”
Are you on a first name basis with your meat cutter?  Stop in and start a conversation with Chris, Theresa or Paulette and you soon will be. Mutach’s is your hometown butcher, and this is not a position that we take lightly. We’ll help you to get just the right cuts for your everyday meals as well as your special “spreads”.

Mutach’s also has a great selection of Poultry… actually, to find a better piece of Chicken you’d have to be a Rooster!

Planning an Outdoor Barbeque? Mutach’s Meats are what to eat, so good, so tasty… you’ll soon be watching your own episode of “Grills Gone Wild”!

Our Winter Hours
Mon. thru Thurs. Closed - Fri. and Sat. 7:30 to 7 pm - Sun. 8 to 6 pm